On the lookout for real estate: Search and find properties in Sicily

The most important questions at the beginning of the real estate search are: What do I need, how much equity capital can I invest and how high should the real estate return be? These factors result in a profile that significantly determines the search for a property in Sicily. The effort involved is often underestimated. We are happy to help you with the right planning for the search for your villa, house, apartment or property in Sicily. The following points provide valuable assistance in this regard.


  1. Criteria
  2. Real estate return
  3. Search options
  4. Filter
  5. Map
  6. Properties
On the lookout for real estate: Search and find properties  in Sicily

Criteria: The most important requirements when choosing a property

The acquisition of a property is always accompanied by emotions. This is nice and wanted, but caution should be exercised when anticipation clouds the senses. It is important to remain focused.

A criterion where you should never cut corners is: at the location! From this derives the quality of life and especially the value development of the property. Fortunately, in Sicily you can find many properties in beautiful locations. We will be happy to advise you.

In addition to the location, the infrastructure also plays an important role. Transport links, shopping facilities, health care are just a few criteria that should be checked. A property that is optimally connected and located in a quiet area is naturally sought after. Take this into account when you set your budget.

Real estate return: Achieving a high return of investment with equity capital

The return of investment is the main focus when it comes to making money with real estate. A return can be made if the value of the property is positive when it is sold, or by renting it out. When renting, you can decide whether you want to rent the property to local people as a general rental property or to tourists as a vacation rental.

The most beautiful return is of course to use the property itself to enjoy the culinary, the sun and the sea view in Sicily, but this decision we leave to you.

Search options: Find the right property easily

We want to make your search as easy as possible, so we have marked all available properties in Sicily on the following map. Click on a marker in the map and the property list will show you the corresponding property. It works the other way around as well. Click on a property and the corresponding marker in the map will be highlighted.

If you click (activate) the Radar Mode button in the Filter section, only the properties whose markers are visible on the map will be displayed in the property list.

Furthermore, you can sort the properties by categories such as luxury real estate, house, apartment and land, as well as reset the filters and return the map to its initial state.