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Buy a villa, a house, an apartment or a property on the mediterranean island of Sicily in the beautiful south of Italy and enjoy the sun 300 days a year - who does not dream of it? Buying a property should be a well-considered matter and therefore we offer individualized services for buying and selling properties in Sicily - all from a reliable source from A to Z.

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We mediate real estate in Sicily directly from private owners.

Villas | Real estate in Sicily

Villas or luxury villas with swimming pool and large plots

You want to let your money work for you and do not know which investment is really worthwhile for you? For some time I invested my money in Sicilian delicacies. My belly has grown instead of my account. Investing in real estate is a solid and smart way to invest money. Especially the purchase of a luxury villa with private pool in Sicily. Nowhere else you get more return on investment, even if it's just recreation. The mediterranean climate of the italian island has been attracting people from all over the world for centuries. And not only the climate is pure luxury, also the sicilian cuisine, which is one of the oldest and most versatile in Italy.

Villas | Real estate in Sicily
Houses | Real estate in Sicily

Rusticos, country houses, single-family houses, terraced houses, bungalows

A cozy little house, one cooks, enjoys the community, works on something, in the garden play the children, you hear the sea rushing and the sun is shining on you - do not we all want that? What are you waiting for? We offer houses throughout Sicily and in every size. With and without a garden, in the mountains or by the sea, a house in the city or a country house, maybe a rustico to renovate by yourself or rather completely renovated. We would like to recommend you various real estate in Sicily.

Houses | Real estate in Sicily
Apartments | Real estate in Sicily

Apartments, flats, lofts, maisonettes, penthouses with sea view

You are looking for an apartment in sunny Sicily, to spend the winter in warmer climes, to enjoy the almond tree blossom in spring, to go to the beach and the sea in the summer and because in the autumn you feel like helping with the olive harvest? And you are a gourmet who loves pasta and pizza over everything??? Why didn't you say that right away! Then you are exactly right here. Luckily we offer apartments all over Sicily with exactly these criteria.

Apartments | Real estate in Sicily
Properties | Real estate in Sicily

Properties and lands to make your dreams come true

In the center of our property comes the two-story house. On the sunny south-west side we put on the large terrace, then we can enjoy the sunset there. On the shady north-east side comes the vegetable garden with tomatoes, basil and oregano. An adventure playground for the kids should of course not be missing and the walk-in wardrobe for mom and the large garage for daddy ... Who has never had such thoughts? Why not realize then? If we do not have the right property for you, we will find it for you. Tell us your wishes and requirements.

Properties | Real estate in Sicily

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